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  • Osteopathy and Pregnancy

    Osteopathy and Pregnancy     It is common for many women to experience back or pelvic pain during pregnancy. Other symptoms may include; hip pain, sciatica, aching feet, neck pain, or shortness of breath. These are all normal occurrences during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you need to experience them. Osteopathic treatment may help to […]

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  • Dr Bret Murray takes on the Otway Oddyssey

    Our resident Blackburn Osteopathy mountain biker Dr Bret Murray has just raced in his 6th consecutive Otway Odyssey. A 100km mountain bike marathon through the picturesque and brutally hilly Otway Ranges in Victoria’s South West. With Australia’s best mountain bike marathon racers in the field Bret finished 27th in a time of 5 hours 8 […]

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  • Can saunas reduce your blood pressure? Yes they can!

    A recent article in the American Journal of Hyptertension has suggested you can reduce, massively, your BP by taking up to 4 and even 7 saunas per week.  The more saunas you take, it appears the more your BP risk diminishes. Yes, we like these kind of studies at Blackburn Osteopathy, its nice to get […]

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  • Acute Lower Back Pain

    Acute Lower Back Pain – Osteo Clinic Newsletter 2018 February The lower back is the area of the spine between the bottom of the ribs and the pelvis. There are five movable lumbar vertebrae with discs in between them. They are supported by strong surrounding muscles and ligaments with spinal nerves existing between each of […]

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  • A Better You in 2018!

    A Better You – Osteopathy Clinic Newsletter January 2018 It’s that time of year again when everyone is setting out New Year’s Resolutions and unfortunately it won’t be long until a majority of people start breaking them. There are many reasons why New Year Resolutions don’t stick- they may be unrealistic, there is a lack […]

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  • Knee Pain

    Knee Pain Knee pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint that brings people to their Osteopath. With today’s increasingly active society, the number of knee problems is increasing. Knee pain has a wide variety of specific causes and treatments. The knee joint’s main function is to bend, straighten, and bear the weight of the body, […]

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